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Registered Education Savings Plan is most valuable gift from parents to a child. You can contribute monthly or a lump-sum. Government of Canada provides minimum 20% to 40% grant on the amount of contribution up to $500 per year. The grant is invested along-with your contributions and keeps growing until you withdraw the funds for child’s post-secondary education. When you open a Registered Education Savings Plan your child may receive $500 towards Canada Learning Bond right away. You may open a plan with as little as $25 monthly. Post-Secondary education in Canada is very expensive, so it will be  of great help to your child when he/she enters University or College. Certain company offers up to 15% guaranteed bonus on the amount of contribution as per their contact conditions. To summarize the benefits of RESP:
1. Tax free growth
2. Government grant of $7200
3. Canada Learning Bond up to $2000


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